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RaiderMoto.com is based in Coffs Harbour, Australia, approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. Not only do we source bikes for ourselves and customers, but we are the only company in Australia that offers a “turn-key’ service i.e., we handle every aspect of the process, from, or even before the point of purchase, to handing you the keys of a fully registered bike.  Looking to ship something other than bikes, well that’s no problem either.  We ship almost anything permissible including cars, trailers, boats and personal effects. Some clients require their bikes to be airfreighted, that’s no issue, but most arrive by sea in our purpose built containers.

RaiderMoto.com has people on the ground in Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, and the USA, and can organise physical inspections, collection, and storage of bikes & cargo while in route back to Australia.  In Europe & the UK we have temperature controlled environments to safe-guard against the harsh Northern hemisphere’s winters.  Customers are also offered use of humidifier capsules to ensure no chance of climatic deterioration or corrosion.  RaiderMoto.com has regular containers from Japan, the USA & UK, and can organise individual shipments from any location on earth.

Most damage occurs when containers are unloaded.  RaiderMoto.com is quite possibly the only company that physically unloads their own containers.  We’re there for every step of the way; we personally present each bike to Australian Quarantine & Customs, and when impounded we load, deliver and return each bike to & from the quarantine washing facility.  All federal import and customs requirements are performed on behalf of our clients well in advance to receiving their bikes. Most of our containers arrive into Sydney, but we can if required ship into any Australian Port.