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Bimota Vdue Trofeo


The Bimota V-Due was a 500cc V-twin two-stroke with such avant-garde features that is literally broke the company. Technical specs included the first electronically controlled direct fuel injection system on a two-stroke bike, cassette MotoGp type gearbox and dry clutch and may other innovated features.Raider Moto has imported 2 of these incredible Bimota’s in the past, and one at least is street registered.

The ultimate prize for Bimota collectors is the limited build "Evoluzione Corsa", a very rare competition only model of the V-Due built for the Bimota V-Due Trofeo Cup, a one make racing series.The Evoluzione’s power-to-weight ratio surpassed all sports bikes of the day; it was quite literally a 500 GP bike.Only 14 “Factory” Evoluzione Corsa’s were ever built, and a brand new example is presently for sale in Italy.

Contact RaiderMoto.com for more information on how this incredibly rare machine can become part of you collection.