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Ducati 851 Kit

The 1987 851 Ducati Tricolore is really the bike that saved Ducati from bankruptcy and possible extinction, well until some consortium of bankers would have seized upon the opportunity of capitalising on the famous marque's history.Thankfully for the Ducatisti of the world, the 851 set the tiny factory on its way to consecutive world superbike championships, and as we [...]

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OWN Fonzies ride - HAPPY DAYS!!!

Anyone who grew-up watching arvo tele in the late 70/80's will fondly remember the 'Fonz' from Happy Days.  Well here's an opportunity to own a piece of that history.  For a measly $100kUSD (circa $150kAUD) you can own Fonzie's actual bike, and unlike Captain America (Easy Rider) there was only ever one bike used in [...]

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Vapour Blasting - The ultimate restorers tool!

The Holy Grail of all automotive restorers is finding a method of achieving that as-new appearance of the various metal and alloy components of their projects.  For years we're used alkaline based cleaners, acids, specialist wire brushes, hours of elbow-grease, bead-blasting and hot-tubs in a bid to find that spectacular result.  Bead blasting was the [...]

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Introducing Paronelli Motorcycles

Raider Motorsport is very pleased to announce the formation of a new Italian trading partnership with Paronelli Motorcycles. Located in Gavirate, (Varese area) approximately 50 kms north of Milano, Paronelli Motorcycles is only 300 metres from the Australian Sports Center.Owned and operated by Alberto Paronelli, Parnonelli Motorcycles has a long history with classic Italian [...]

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