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1971 Ducati Supersport Prototype


Before production of the now famous 1974 750 Supersport, aka Greenframe, Ducati produced a number of prototypes.  Today we know of only three surviving bikes; the first of which was presented at the exhibition "Torino Esposizioni" in March 1973, it is recognised by black engine casings and by the front disc top-hats having 18 holes. The second prototype is characterised by having polished engine cases and the same 18 hole front top-hats, rear brake caliper positioned below the axle, a voltmeter, plus an additional frame for the dome and semi-transparent strip on the wide and graduated tank.  The third had only six hole top-hats, black fork tubes with forward axle casting.  Is believed that at least two of the prototypes fall within the production frame numbering of the 1st series greenframes (73-74) of 75001 and 75450.

Based on the above information it would seem the bike for sale here is the second surviving prototype and at the asking price of 120kgbp it would appear to be excellent value.  

1971 Ducati Supersport Prototype